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Chevy Bellhousings

3858403 for 153 Tooth Flywheel 10"

The Chevy "403" is an aluminum 153 tooth bellhousing with a 4 5/8" center hole. This makes it compatible with all GM 4 speeds (Muncie,Saginaw,T-10), except  the 1963 small bearing retainer transmissions.
According to the 1967-75 Chevrolet Parts Catalog this is the only Clutch housing listed for the 302 cubic inch engine (69 Z-28 Camaro). Yet the I.D. number is 3840383.

Front view
This example has the Z Bar stud bosses molded in on both sides with the drivers side drilled and tapped.

Part # and engineering codes
The part number and engineering codes are on the unused clutch fork knock out.

Clutch fork hole side
The example I have has a z-bar stud boss on drivers and passenger sides with the drivers side drilled and taped and a stud in it. I've spotted "403"s on ebay with the stud boss on the driver's side only.

Starter side
The above view shows the passenger side Z-bar stud boss and the straight starter side typical of 153 tooth flywheel Bells.

Inside view
This casting could be used on right or left hand drive vehicles.

Some Chevrolet parts manuals that are dated after 1980 show ALL  3858403 part numbers with the following notation. ( IDENT.  NO.  3840383 ). Some people are under the impression that the "383" bellhousing was the earlier model. To add to the confusion the 462606 bell has 383 cast on the clutch fork ball stud boss of some bells.

Applications per the 1967-1975,1976-1981(July 1986) Chevrolet parts catalogs and 1953-1981(Nov.1981) Corvette parts catalog.

  0.683 Housing Assy.,clutch (ident.No. 3840383) (note 1)
  note 1 : Less ball stud

69         Chevy,Chevelle,Camaro w/ reg. fuel(350)
  69         Pas.(350 w/ reg. fuel)(exc. Taxi,Police,H.D, clutch)    
69         Chevy,Chevelle,Camaro w/ reg. fuel(327)     
67-68    Camaro(327)
  65-68    Chevelle(327)(exc. H.D. clutch)
  64-69    Pass. w/ reg.fuel (327)(exc.Taxi.Police,H.D. clutch)   
  70-73    All(307)
  68        Chevy(307)
68        Chevelle(307)(exc,H.D. clutch)
  68        Pass.(307)(exc. Taxi,Police,H.D. clutch)
  67-69   All(302)
                                               I.D, #3840383
  65-67   Chevelle (283)(exc. H.D. clutch)
  64-67   Pass.(283)(exc. Taxi.Police,H.D. clutch)
  75        Nova(262)
73-75   All (6 cyl.)
  70-72   All (6 cyl.)(exc. Taxi,Police)
  69       Chevy,Chevelle,Camaro(230.250)
  68       Chevy(6 cyl.)
64-68   Chevelle,Camaro,(6 cyl.)
  64-69   Pass. (230.250)( exc. Taxi,Police,H.D. clutch)
  69        Pass. (350 w/reg. fuel) (exc.Taxi, Police, H.D. Clutch)
  69        Chevy, Chevelle, Camaro w/reg. fuel (350)
  76-77    A (250) W/M.T.
  76-79    F (250) W/M.T.
  77-79    B (250) W/M.T.
  78-78    X (250) W/M.T.
  80-81    F (229) W/M.T.
  64-68    Y (327,396)
  66         Y (427) W/SP. H/PER.
  67-69   Y (427) W/H.D., AL.CYL. and Case

  A= Malibu
  B= Impala,caprice
  F= Camaro
  X= Nova
  Y= Corvette

Applications per the Thru 1975 Oldsmobile Parts Catalog Effective May,1980

66-74  L6 S.T.
75  All X S.T.

Applications per the1976-81 Oldsmobile Parts Catalog Effective July,1987

76  ALL(250) W/3 SPD

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