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Decoding 1967 Chevy Camaro Trim Tag

The trim tag is riveted to the firewall above the master cylinder.
1967 Camaro Trim Tag
01D (A) R (B) K212 **
ST67 (C) 12637 (D) NOR (E) 80272 (F) BODY
TR 765-Z (G)  


F (H) - F (l) PAINT
W (J) 2MG S (K) 3SK(L)
  4F (M) 5Y (N)


Location A - Build Date

05 -May
A - 1st week of month
B - 2nd week of month
C - 3rd week of month
D - 4th week of month
E - 5th week of month
**Los Angeles cars had a code on the first line, such as K212. It is believed to be an internal plant code for dating of production.


Location B - Interior Color Code (Norwood cars only)

  B - Blue
D - Red
E - Black
G - Gold
K - Parchment/Black
R - Bright Blue
T - Turquoise
Y - Yellow

Location C - Model Year 1967

Location D - Series and Interior Style Code

  12437 - Sport Coupe, standard interior
12467 - Convertible, standard interior
12637 - Sport Coupe, custom interior
12667 - Convertible, custom interior

Note: In 1967 the trim tag did not identify a 6 or 8 cylinder engine in this spot, only the interior style with the code 4 or 6 as the third digit. The VIN did show a 3 or 4 as the third digit indicating 6 or 8 cylinder. 1967 was the only year the interior style was coded like this.

Location E - Assembly Plant

  NOR- Norwood, Ohio (suburb of Cincinatti)
LOS - Van Nuys, California (suburb of Los Angeles)

Location F - Body Unit Number

Assigned by Fisher Body, no relation to the VIN

Location G - Interior Trim

707 - Yellow custom buckets 742 - Red custom buckets
709 - Gold standard buckets 756 - Black standard bench
711- Gold custom buckets 760 - Black standard buckets
712 - Gold custom bench 765 - Black custom buckets
716 - Bright blue custom bench 767 - Black custom bench
717 - Blue standard buckets 779 - Turquoise custom buckets
732 - Bright blue custom buckets 796 - Gold standard bench
741 - Red standard buckets 797 - Parchment custom buckets
Z - Bucket seats
Y - Bucket seats with Factory Headrests
H - Bench seat (Strato-Back)

Location H - Lower Body Color

  AA - Tuxedo Black LL - Tahoe Turquoise
CC - Ermine White MM - Royal Plum
DD - Nantucket Blue NN - Madeira Maroon
EE - Deepwater Blue RR - Bolero Red
FF - Marina Blue SS - Sierra Fawn
GG - Granada Gold TT - Capri Cream
HH - Mountain Green YY - Butternut Yellow
KK - Emerald Turquoise

Location I - Upper Body Color

  Vinyl or Convertible top

1 - White Top
2 - Black top

Letters in this location (CC, etc.) from above chart indicate no vinyl top. CC - Ermine White lower and upper paint finish.

Location J - Option Information


D - power convertible top
E - all tinted windows
L - fold-down rear seat
W - tinted windshield
X - power windows

If nothing appeared in Location J none of the above options appeared on the car.

Location K - Option Information

  B - three-speed on floor
E - air conditioning
G - center console
L - four-speed manual transmission
M - Powerglide transmission
R - rear seat speaker
S - rear antenna
U - eight-track/multiplex


Location L - Option Information

B - rear defogger
D - gauges or clock
K - RPO Z21 option, style trim group
L - RPO Z22, Rally Sport Equipment
S - RPO Z23 option, interior decor


Location M - Option Information

  F - remote mirror
K - 396/375 L78
L - 302 Z28
N - 396/325hP
P - correct code for SS 350

If there was no designation in Location M, the car was either a 327 V-8 or six-cylinder model.


Location N - Option Information

  B - appearance group including bumper guards, floor mats, and door edge guards
Y - deluxe seat belts
Z - custom shoulder belts